What are the differences between Brown Algae Liver Guard and 3+2 Formulated Fucoidan?

Brown Algae Liver Guard helps relieve health issues of people with high visceral fat, hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and chronic inflammation. It can enhance immunity and protect body cells from oxidation. 3+2 Formulated Fucoidan helps prevent formation and inhibit proliferation of abnormal cells. It strengthens the immune system and speeds up body recovery after critical illnesses’ treatments.

What are the advantages of our fucoidan product comparing to the others?

Fucoidan extracted from different types of brown algae differs in composition and structure, and hence results in different effects. Therefore, we select three kinds of high-quality fucoidan from Japan and Australia, combining with the fucoidan and fucoxanthin which are extracted from our greenhouse microalgae to form the unique 3+2 Formulated Fucoidan. According to the cell tests conducted by Hong Kong local university, the efficacy of our product is proved to be extremely significant.

Who is not suitable for taking fucoidan?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with poor coagulation function or taking anticoagulant drugs are advised to consult their doctors.

Can fucoidan be taken with other medicines and what is the recommended dosage?

There are many types of medicines with different ingredients, so it is impossible to generalize. The best way is to check with doctor or pharmacist.

If you take western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine at the same time, please wait one to two hours before taking it.

Daily health care, prevent formation of abnormal cells (recommended to take 1 capsule each before breakfast and before bedtime)

Rehabilitation of critical illnesses (recommended to take 1 capsule each before breakfast, lunch and bedtime)

During critical illnesses treatments (recommended to take 2 capsules before breakfast, 1-2 capsules before lunch and 2 capsules before bedtime)

Can we use fucoidan to replace traditional cancer treatments?

Although there are plenty of researches showing that fucoidan has positive effects on cancer treatment, it is still not medicine. Therefore, we recommend patients following their doctors’ treatment advice. However, they can use fucoidan to strengthen their immune system and speed up body recovery after treatments.

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