Polarchain Biotechnology Ltd., is a science-based company in Hong Kong which focusing on R&D and cultivation of precious microalgae, with a team from over 20 years of practical experience, our foundation team is one of the pioneers in Hong Kong.


The smallest and magnificent life energy

We making good use of natural resources in the ocean, we extract rare bioactive substances from microalgae with our clean and professional cultivation technology, and hence unleash full nutritional potential of the substances. For the sake of well-being of human health, we focus on the development of health products in fucoxanthin, fucoidan and EPA.


Energy of life originates from ocean

We believe that the source of life comes from the ocean, as it forms the origin of most species and the roots of the food chain. However, with the extension of human activities, ocean acidification and pollution has become increasingly serious - heavy metal, oil spills, radioactive waste, etc.  Organisms of higher trophic level absorb more pollutants and hence having a more serious bioaccumulation problem.


Unicellular plants at the base of food chain are the source of the original only, the purest and the cleanest natural energy of life.


Unfortunately, most of the ingredients in the health products nowadays come from the second or higher trophic levels. DHA and EPA from fish liver, fucoxanthin and fucoidan from macroalgae like seaweed, etc. generally have bioaccumulation problem.


Back to the original, the purest and the most natural health

Microalgae at the base of food chain are the most primitive aquatic plants in nature, their extracts are safe and reliable. However, these microscopic plants are difficult to be harvested massively in the ocean. Besides, they have strict requirements to their growth environment, so they have been difficult to be developed for large-scale commercial production. By constantly trying and exploring, our team finally figures out a solution and make mass production of fucoxanthin in microalgae.


Our goal is to well cultivate microalgae to produce super healthly products through our professional technology and experience in greenhouse cultivation, eliminating ocean pollutants, strictly controlling temperature, water quality, light spectrum, light time, nutrient formula, etc. to ensure the quality of microalgae, and hence higher fucoxanthin content. From pollution-free greenhouse to product launching, we ensure its golden active ingredients can be well preserved and give full play to their nutritional potential.


We pursue the most natural health, well cultivating precious microalgae with rare and concentrated fucoxanthin, reboot the essence of the origin of life, the start of liver health.

What are microalgae?

Origin of Life

Microalgae are unicellular microorganism which are at the base of food chain in freshwater and marine systems. They live in both the water column and sediment individually, or in chains or groups. Their sizes can range from a few micrometers (μm) to a few hundred micrometers. Unlike higher plants, microalgae do not have roots, stems, or leaves, and they are specially adapted to an environment dominated by viscous forces.


Microalgae, capable of performing photosynthesis, are important for life on earth, they produce approximately half of the atmospheric oxygen and use simultaneously the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide to grow photoautotrophically. Microalgae, together with bacteria, form the base of the food web and provide energy for all the trophic levels above them.


The rarest golden bioactive substance in microalgae - fucoxanthin

Microalgae provide more than 60 nutrients, including vitamins, amino acids, plant proteins, β-glucan, antioxidants, fatty acids, astaxanthin, etc. Over 15,000 novel compounds originating from algal biomass have been chemically determined, including carotenoids, antioxidants, fatty acids, enzymes, polymers, peptides and sterols.


Fucoxanthin is the rarest components in microalgae and is called the golden bioactive substance, about 10 grams of "fucoxanthin" only can be extracted from one ton of microalgae.  It has remarkable fat-burning and anti-inflammatory effect. Comparing to those brown algae products from macroalgae, its micromolecular structure makes it easier be absorbed by our body. Currently there are only companies from Israel, France and Hong Kong can perform mass production of fucoxanthin from microalgae and make it into liver healthly products.

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